Megan Baker – Riverview Jr. High

megan Megan Baker is the CCA and Foods teacher at Riverview Junior High School.  She grew up in Murray. Even as a child, she knew she wanted to be a teacher and made her friends play school every day after school. She attended Brigham Young University and was originally a Dance Education Major, but switched to Family and Consumer Science Education, with a minor in Contemporary Dancy. She has been teaching for nine years.
When asked what she likes about living in Utah, Mrs. Baker said she enjoys that we get to experience all four seasons (she wishes some were shorter than others), and she loves the view of the mountains.  She likes Italian and Asian food.  Her favorite things about summer are sleeping and taking her kids to the pool.  And when asked what her least favorite smell is, this was the answer. “My least favorite smell is the one coming from the sippy cup found under the couch full of chocolate milk that has solidified.”