About the PTA

PTA Promotes the Welfare of Children and Youth in the Home, School, and Community.

The Region 19 PTA (Murray PTA) is the parent-teacher association of the Murray City School District, and a chartered member of the Utah PTA and National PTA organizations. Parents of students pay a small annual fee to join the PTA and even get involved in as volunteers.

PTAs have long been valued by school communities as an invaluable connection between families educators. They provide parents a way to become involved in their student’s education at a greater level, but also strengthen ties with teachers and school administrators.

Each year, PTA members organize and execute a wide range of activities at each school that support educator programming and student experiences. But they also celebrate and recognize the hard work of educators through appreciation events and formal awards.

Moreover, PTA is an invaluable asset to the Murray City School District, its students, educators, and community.