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PTA Guide to the Legislative Process: PTA Guide to the Legislative Process, How a Bill Becomes a Law, an explanation of legislative bills, and using the internet for legislative advocacy. Working with Policy Makers, Developing/Sustaining Relations With a Legislator.

Legislative Priorities: Each year, Utah PTA identifies priorities for the upcoming Session, as recommended by the Utah PTA Legislative Advocacy Committee in their August LAC Meeting and approved by the General Membership during the Advocacy Conference Business Meeting in October. Go to UtahPTA.org to locate those current priorities.

Legislative Budget Requests: Before your PTA executive committee prepares an annual budget, submit a proposed budget to carry out legislative activities for your PTA. List the needs and requested amounts and give the list to your president and treasurer.

IRS Rules on Lobbying by Non-Profit Organizations: National PTA is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization and enjoys a tax-exempt public charity status. As permissible under federal tax laws, PTA members may engage in legislative activities on behalf of children and youth. They may educate the general public and policymakers about officially adopted PTA positions and resolutions.

501(c)(3) Guidelines for PTAs During the Election Season: Learn the election guidelines PTAs must follow as a 501c3 organization

State and National PTA Resources: Resource ideas and contact information from Utah PTA and National PTA.

Parliamentary Procedure: Using parliamentary procedure ensures everyone gets heard, no one dominates the conversation and ideas are fully explored before the majority rules through voting.

Motions and Voting: Using Roberts Rules of Order can help your PTA make decisions that are fair to all while moving the work of your PTA forward.

Utah PTA Public Policy Program: The Utah PTA Public Program is the primary authority for public policy action and statements by Utah PTA on state and local legislation and administrative policies and regulations.

JUUL Lawsuit Information: “School District v. Juul Labs, Inc., et. al.” litigation is a potential opportunity for Utah School Districts to receive additional resources for education and prevention of vaping.

Member Networks: Learn how to be in the legislative know through updates and action alerts from Utah PTA and National PTA.

Legislative Advocacy Committee (LAC): The Legislative Advocacy Committee (LAC) is a recommending body of PTA members from all levels of PTA and across all of Utah who come together to evaluate and recommend Utah PTA positions on pending legislation.

How Do I Contact My Legislators?  Learn how to find your Utah Representative or Senator

Become A Delegate! Learn how to be a county and/or state delegate

Utah PTA Advocacy Events: Information on Advocacy events: Leadership Convention-Business and Resolutions Meeting, Advocacy Conference, Day at the Capitol, PTSA Student Day at the Capitol.

Meet the Candidates Night: About Meet the Candidates Night and how to organize it.

Procedure for Submitting Utah PTA Resolutions: A resolution is a call for action. Local PTAs, councils, regions, and Utah PTA commissions and committees may submit resolutions for consideration to the Utah PTA Resolutions Committee.

Advocacy Glossary: List of advocacy terms and their definitions