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Lilibeth Tapia – Parkside Elementary

Lilibeth is such a fantastic teacher at Parkside! Lilibeth was born in Sacramento, California but was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah since she was three years old. She went to Jordan High School and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in elementary and special education from Westminster College. She has been teaching for six years and all of them have been at Parkside! We hope she never leaves! The students love her and have so much fun in her class. Her students say she makes learning fun even when it’s hard. Lilibeth spreads joy to all who know her. Thanks Lilibeth, for 6 fantastic years at Parkside and hopefully many more to come!

Emma Anderson – Parkside Elementary

Parkside is lucky to have Emma! She received her bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University and just recently earned her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Western Governors University. Emma has been at Parkside for 3 years now; two years in 2nd grade and one year in 3rd grade. When you talk with Emma it’s easy to see that she cares about her students. She is passionate about teaching, and she loves seeing the “light bulb” moment when students are learning something new. Emma loves being with her family and friends and traveling to warm places. We are so grateful to have Emma at Parkside!

Emily Cox – Parkside Elementary

Where do we even start with Emily? She has a special place in our PTA hearts, and we can’t get enough of her. Emily graduated from the University of Utah with her bachelor’s but continued to complete her master’s degree at Western Governors University. Emily has been teaching for 23 years! She has spent so much of her own time making things special not only for her students but for ALL the students at Parkside. She has created fun murals at the school for students to look at and to take their pictures with them and then makes slideshows for the students to see. She loves being outdoors and spending time with her friends and family and her sweet dog! Don’t challenge her to a card or board game because you will be sure to lose. All who know Emily love her! She genuinely cares about each one of her students and wants all of them to reach their highest potential. We love having Emily at Parkside!

Rachelle Gatherum Peterson – Parkside Elementary

Rachelle is one of Parkside’s biggest assets! She has taught at Parkside for 36 years. That’s a lot of lives she has touched throughout the years. As you can probably tell she loves teaching, she wouldn’t have spent so much time and effort if it wasn’t a labor of love. Her students describe her as being so sweet and caring. They do and always did look forward to coming to school and having fun in her class.
She has taught AM & PM Kindergarten, AM Kindergarten, Gifted Pull Out Classes for 4th, 5th, & 6th Grade, Assistant Director of Murray ESL, and Optional Extended Day Kindergarten. She loves hiking, biking, camping, traveling, gardening, cooking, singing and Family Game Nights.
Her favorite sports to watch are Basketball (GO JAZZ!) and Lacrosse.
Her and her Husband have 2 sons, 2 daughter in laws, 1 daughter, 1 grandson and 2 dogs. As the veteran teacher of Parkside who has seen the school go through many changes we are so glad we have the consistency and knowledge of Rachelle and the love she has for her students. Thanks Rachelle for all your hard work!

Marci Allred – Parkside Elementary

We are beyond thrilled to have Marci at Parkside! She has been teaching for 12 years and we are so fortunate that 4 of those years have been with us at Parkside Elementary. Marci has always been a Kindergarten teacher and says it’s the best grade. She has such a passion for those sweet new students, and it shows in her everyday teaching. Marci is so kind and friendly to other staff and everyone likes to be around her. We think the world of her and are so glad that she is at Parkside.

Rachel Macchiarola – Parkside Elementary

Rachel is one of a kind at Parkside! She has been teaching for 12 years and this is her 8th year at Parkside. She taught Special Ed in 5th grade, general Ed in 2nd and 3rd grade. At Parkside she taught 2nd and 3rd grade students. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology & special education from Marist College and her master’s in child development birth-age 8 from Ball State University. She also has endorsements in special education and ESL. We love the wealth of knowledge she brings to Parkside. Her students say she is the nicest teacher ever and they said, “she likes nice clothing because she always wears the nicest clothes”. She is so nice and friendly with everyone. Parkside is so lucky to have Rachel!

Teresa Porter – Parkside Elementary

Teresa has been a great addition to Parkside! Teresa graduated from Brigham Young University and taught for 4 years. She then became the mother of 3 wonderful boys. After her boys grew up, she came to Parkside and has been teaching here for four years. Her students say she is such a good teacher and is always positive about everything.  She’s very patient with her students and has been such a great asset to Parkside because she is bilingual. She is such a great storyteller, and her students love to listen to her stories. Teresa enjoys reading books, nature, animals, time in the mountains, and learning new things. Teresa and her husband live in Murray, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her at Parkside!

Megan Baker – Riverview Jr. High

megan Megan Baker is the CCA and Foods teacher at Riverview Junior High School.  She grew up in Murray. Even as a child, she knew she wanted to be a teacher and made her friends play school every day after school. She attended Brigham Young University and was originally a Dance Education Major, but switched to Family and Consumer Science Education, with a minor in Contemporary Dancy. She has been teaching for nine years.
When asked what she likes about living in Utah, Mrs. Baker said she enjoys that we get to experience all four seasons (she wishes some were shorter than others), and she loves the view of the mountains.  She likes Italian and Asian food.  Her favorite things about summer are sleeping and taking her kids to the pool.  And when asked what her least favorite smell is, this was the answer. “My least favorite smell is the one coming from the sippy cup found under the couch full of chocolate milk that has solidified.”

Mrs. Evans – McMillan Elementary

Stacie headshot

Mrs. Evans – McMillan Elementary

Mrs. Stacie Evans is an outstanding first-grade teacher at McMillan Elementary!  She shares her enthusiasm for learning daily and provides diverse and engaging activities to capture student interest.  Students loved her classroom butterfly farm, where they watched the life cycle of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.  She is thoughtful and consistent in sending a daily book home with each student that develops reading skills at the individual student’s level and interest.  Parents appreciate her regular and clear communication about student expectations and progress.  Mrs. Evans is a team player, and you can’t find her without a smile on her face!  We are grateful to have her at McMillan Elementary!

Matt Pugsley – Horizon Elementary

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Matt Pugsley has been a staple at our school for the last nine years.  He is a great fit for the 6th graders because he allows space for the students to start being more involved in their own education choices while maintaining boundaries to create a good classroom environment.  Mr. Puglsey works hard at making sure the students have a good foundation to continue their Spanish studies at the junior high level.  Mr. Pugsley has a fun sense of humor, is a great dad, loves Disney, and enjoys spending time in the great outdoors.